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ART NOVA 100 2016 Photos


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"IB...being smart about art"! This Ning is for IB Art students at the International School of Beijing to share, respond and collaborate.

How to Photograph your Artwork

Beijing Portfolio Review

When: Sunday, October 23, 2016, 1-6 pm

Where: Beijing City International School

Art colleges from the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Europe will be in Beijing at a forum this October. Students are welcome to show their artwork or just talk to representatives from these Art Colleges/Institutions. This is a great opportunity for any student who wants to study Art, Design, Architecture, or related majors, abroad. The event is free for all students, parents and teachers.

More information here

"Chance favors the connected mind!"

Rena Tang's blog "Dragons in the Atelier"was mentioned in Danny Gregory's blog and is now familiar to folks all over the globe!

A message from a former IBArt student

 "I just started class here at UCLA about a week ago. I'm taking drawing and Modernism this year. We did blind contour the first class! I still remember doing that in your Art 1 class :) I don't really like the drawing class so far because I'm so used to the freedom IB art gave me in terms of using different mediums and depicting the subjects of my choice. Tell the IB art students now to be grateful of IB!!! 

My Modernism class asked us to write our first paper on interpreting a piece, and guess what format we are supposed to write in? Form-theme-interpretation. We're learning all the formal elements again! I'm so glad you taught us all that since 9th grade, because there are students here who have no idea how to use "value" and "line" to analyze a piece. I admit doing those sketchbook pages was a lot of work but it really is worth it."
Be grateful for all that you have! 

Articles worth a look

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Wanna see some art in Beijing? Here's the Time Out Beijing Art page to see what shows are currently on.

Wondering what to see for art in Beijing Check this site out

Where should your art education place its emphasis on skill/ craft or conceptualism? Read this article and form your own opinion.





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